Council on Aging

Buckland shares a Senior Center with the towns of Ashfield, and Shelburne

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Invitation from the Council on Aging

If you are age 60, plus or minus a few years, you should be aware that our town has a Council on Aging -- volunteers who are in your age bracket and who want to be your voice. And even better, unlike folks in many small communities, Buckland's seniors have a remarkable resource that we share with the towns of Ashfield and Shelburne: a Senior Center with a professional staff to enhance, enrich and coordinate volunteer efforts.

The Center is a wonderful place to take a yoga or computer class or hone your Wii bowling skills, a welcoming site for community meals and stimulating programs. But more than that, our Senior Center is the hub of an information network for people as they age -- particularly valuable for those who live far from family and friends.

The Center's professional staff understands the diverse challenges elders face, from transportation to legal issues, from the need for simple home repairs to just plain loneliness. Director Cathy Buntin and Outreach Coordinator Jackie Stanford work with the three towns' COAs and one-on-one with individual seniors to find solutions to problems or, at the very least, to point people in the right direction to find the answers they seek.

Residents are always welcome at the Senior Center, but if you can't make it there, you can call any of your COA members, listed below. We want to hear from you -- to find out what you think, what you need, what you enjoy -- so please call and let us know the best way to reach you. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at future programs and events at the Center and in Buckland.

Sincerely, The Buckland Council on Aging

Ellen Eller, 625-9933
Sue Pratt, 625-8232
Joanne Soroka, 629-3146
Eric Temple, 625-9093