Emergency Management

Emergency Management DirectorHerb Guyette

The Town of Buckland is invested in emergency preparation, operations, and recovery planning.

Buckland officials are currently reviewing and revising the town’s emergency preparation, response, continuing operations, and recovery plans.

In the event of a declared emergency, regional, state, and federal assistance will be provided. If the disaster is extensive, external response and assistance may be delayed. The foundation for our planning is based upon 72 hours local response.

Buckland residents and businesses should develop individual emergency plans, response, and continued operations on a 72 hour response window, as well. It may take town staff and emergency responders 3 days to access all residents in the event of a broad disaster or catastrophic event.

Include in your emergency planning:

Disasters don’t wait for weekends or holidays to occur. Our collective emergency preparedness enables our whole community to respond and recover more quickly and effectively.

What is an Emergency?
Emergencies are events which are natural or man-made ranging from storms, fires, wildfires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes to chemical spills, extended power outages, pandemic infections, etc.

The worst time to prepare for an emergency is DURING a crisis.

Emergency Management Links

Resources for Emergency Preparation and Response

Sign up for Reverse 911
The Town of Buckland has a reverse 911 system – BlackBoard Connect. This system allows town officials to contact registered residents and businesses with important information in the event of an emergency. Notifications are sent via email, text messages (SMS), telephone, and Facebook. Personal information entered into the system is for official purposes only and is not sold. 

To sign up, go to https://01370buckland.bbcportal.com/. If you have previously registered with the reverse 911, please log in and review and update your information. If you do not have a password on the system, click on the sign me up link and set up your account.

If you do not have a computer or access to the Internet, you can sign up for reverse 911 at Buckland Town Hall, 17 State Street or the Buckland Public Library, 30 Upper Street.

Begin your Emergency Planning

Disaster Preparation

Personal Emergency Preparation Information

The American Red Cross is an excellent resource for emergency preparation. An inventory of your family’s needs is a good place to begin with your emergency preparation.

If you have animals – pets or livestock, you need to put them in your emergency and recovery planning. Animals should be included in your evacuation plans.

Government Agencies with emergency preparedness information:
-- Franklin Regional Council of Governments
MEMA -- Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
FEMA -- Federal Emergency Managment Agency
NOAA -- National Oceanic Atomospheric Agency
Mass 211
MEMA and the Council of Massachusetts United Ways (COMUW) continue to promote Mass2-1-1 as the Commonwealth's primary telephone information call center during times of emergency. The easy-to-remember 2-1-1 telephone number will be utilized as a 24/7 resource for human service and Public Safety/disaster response and planning.

Planning for Special Needs/Fragile Populations
Records and Documents
Protecting Property
The most effective way to protect your home and belongings is to take steps to safeguard them before a disaster strikes. Referred to as “mitigation,” these measures may help you avoid damage altogether in some situations, or at the very least, reduce the damage and economic impact a disaster may bring.


Financial Planning for Disaster Recovery
Income Issues + Cash Flow