Buckland Police Department
69 1/2 Conway Street

Police Chief: James T. Hicks

Non-Emergency telephone: (413) 625-8200
Emergency: 911

Once again as a reminder, if you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, contact the Buckland Police Department (413-625-8200), our dispatchers will take your information down, and it will be passed onto the Officers. They will be looking for basic information when you call, such as people’s names and contacts if an emergency arises at the property while you are away. They will also need to know if any vehicles will be left at the property, will lights be on a timer, dates and times of departure, and arrival back. With this information, the Officers on patrol can take an extra look and make sure everything is fine at your property while you are away.

Public Safety Reminders

1.     Do not respond to emails or phone calls that require your personal information or account numbers. Check your monthly statements, and call the bank or creditor directly to confirm they are calling you and you’re not being scammed.

2.     Also, someone may call and report that you need to send money for a sister, brother, grandchild or a friend in trouble, and you need to wire them X dollars so they can be released. Again, get the caller information, name and phone number. More than likely, if you hang up and make a few calls, you’ll find out the party in need of the money is not in need and someone is trying to scam you.

3.     New this past year: people are calling to let you know that your application was approved for a small loan, and you need to provide bank information to have the money deposited in your account. Again, a SCAM!!!!!!!!

4.     YOU DID NOT WIN!!! Any lottery payout that requires you mail a check to pay for taxes, or deposit this check and wire the taxes to them, is a SCAM!!!!. Also I have not ever heard of anyone in the USA winning a Foreign Lottery when they Never purchased a ticket. If it sounds too good to be true, IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!

If you receive a call like this, please forward:
a.     Phone number they called from
b.     A call back number they may provide
c.     A mailing address for their company
d.     Their Supervisor’s name
e.     Include the nature of the call
f.      Time and Date.

Believe me, after you start asking them the questions, they will probably hang up. Please forward this information to your local police department. (413) 625-8200.

Also, if you are one of our Senior residents, please forward this information to your Senior Center so they can get the information out to others.